Portrait of a Lovable Mutt


This is one of the few times that Amit has let me take his picture (and not look away) while he’s awake.

9 thoughts on “Portrait of a Lovable Mutt

  1. Hahaha! Well, it's a great picture, but how does he stop you from taking his picture?

    Edit: I see, I missed the caption and was responding to original title.

    He's adorable.

        1. Amit is 8 but he acts like a pup. You'd never know it if it weren't for his grey hair. Of course, we tell him that it makes him look distinguished. ;)

          Very sad news. Thank you for your support and all of the work you did to help us – I appreciate it.

          At the moment we don't have a way to suggest sites based on geolocation. The best way to discover new sites on ID is to follow other commenters and see where they're commenting (which of course is something that you have mastered). Adding a way to discover new sites is on our list.

          1. Sure thing, Michael. Sorry our local news doesn’t consider their users preferences. My friends and I will continue to support, seek and create sites powered by IntenseDebate.

            Keep me on your list. :D

            1. I second the motion — a list of ID sites would be most appreciated!!

              Sometimes I look at CNN's US news page, as they provide links to interesting local stories by region. I always scan for a comment section with ID, but it's rare that I find one. I know very little about this operation and how it works, but it seems that "apps" are the wave of the future (and supposedly, Fisher's reason for moving in another direction — mobile friendly). I'm sure this isn't new info, just my $.02

              Amit is a cutie pie. If he ever had an obnoxious puppy, you could do the French thing and name him D'Amit. =)

    1. Thanks. He's a good fella. It's always difficult to get a good shot: either he's moving too quickly and thus the picture is blurry, or if you use a flash he gets red demon eyes.

      Which reminds me… Bigfoot really is blurry…

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