Cage divers are confronted by a great white shark.

Capturing the Whole Story
At National Geographic, our photographers are driven by a passion to document the world in all its complexity. To inform. To inspire. Meanwhile, hazards large and small await them. They have had to overcome arrest and detention, malfunctioning scuba gear, elephant charges, shark attacks, lava burns, muggings, malaria, and dengue fever. All for the sake of bringing you the one image that helps you grasp the whole story… the big picture.

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A glacial torrent pours over a 40-foot-high ledge at Gođafoss, “waterfall of the gods.” After the Icelandic assembly adopted Christianity in 1000, its leader threw his pagan idols into the falls. The mossy island, notes geographer Guđrún Gísladóttir, “is protected from sheep.”

National Geographic’s photo of the month is by Orsolya and Erlend Haarberg, from the May 2012 story “Iceland’s Resilient Beauty.”

via National Geographic